About NTI

14774070494_84e903eb41NTI Offshore Services                Offshore Construction & Management

Supporting the Oil & Gas market designed to provide our clients with turnkey services for their projects from concept to installation. NTI specializes in providing our clients with total Project Management, topside and subsea engineering and design, fabrication services, Subsea deployment, Offshore Construction Management, and offshore welding construction craftsmen. Our experienced team will work closely with our customer to provide quality products and services conducive to your level of urgency or predetermined project schedule. We are committed to our customer to produce a quality product safely and does so through pride of workmanship, safety culture, and emphasis in our Quality Control and inspection.

We are based along the gulf coast, including Mobile, AL and Greater New Orleans, LA,  to support the Gulf of Mexico and global Oil & Gas market.

NTI Offshore Services strives to be your preferred provider for your offshore needs.