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DamilorEdit--3ABS design lifting padeyes

NTI Offshore Services provided engineered padeyes with a safe working load (SWL) ranging from 1 short ton to 150 short tons. All padeyes are provided with recommended weld size, installation configuration, and max sling angle.



Staircases, Cage Ladders, and HandrailsDamilorEdit--5

NTI Offshore Services provides staircases, Cage Ladders, and Handrails to accommodate all your access and retention needs. Stock designs of standard staircase can accommodate a step pitch range from 7.75” to 9” and fleet angle from staircase origin ranging from 38° – 50°. Our handrails are provided in two types, either Deck Mounted Continuous or Deck Mounted Removable. Our Deck Mounted Continuous design is a permanent installation and our Deck Mounted Removable is a modular design that is removable. The Deck Mounted Continuous is manufactured in 59” sections max. Our standard Cage Ladder design provide access up to 30’. The cage has a flare design at lower entry for ease of access. All assemblies can be provided galvanized or painted per customer specification.