Surface & Subsea Fabrication

Surface & Subsea Fabrication

Subsea applications and components for offshore field developments must meet strict standards to ensure a safe and reliable duty cycle. NTI Offshore Services has the experience and knowledge for surface & subsea fabrication applications that meet the equipments operational expectations through emphasis in our Quality Control and inspection. NTI provides the following surface and subsea fabrication capabilities to our clients:

• Jumper FabricationSurface & Subsea Fabrication

• SUTA’s

• ROV Cans/Receivers

• Subsea Mudmats


Topside Fabrication

Topside fabrication needs vary vastly and require knowledgeable, flexible, talented craftsmen to adapt to the variety of projects. NTI Offshore Services provides these services through our shore base fabrication facility and offshore welding construction crews. The following topside fabrication capabilities are provided to our clients:

Completion Package

  • Filtration
  • Launch and Recovery
  • Work-Over Control
  • Umbilical Sheave

• I&E Services

• ASME R & U-Stamp Pressure Vessel Fabrication

• DNV 2.7.1 Storage/Lifting Containers

• High pressure piping fabrication

• Structural decks, frames, walkways, skids, staircases, Hang-off beams, and weldments

• Offshore Construction Crews