3D BIM Modeling & 4D Scheduling

3D BIM Modeling

Utilization of 3D BIM Modeling links to a project schedule and provides a unique visualization of the project schedule sequencing of key events, milestones, tasks, build strategies and simultaneous activities before you strike the first arc.

4D visualization is used on many different types of projects from offshore projects to land based construction,  shipyards, new builds, retrofit and overhauls of rigs, vessels.

When used for BIM (Building Information Modeling) purposes, the project can be sequenced on a yard-wide scale to coordinate and validate assembly areas, process flows and materials staging. The level of detail is only constrained by the amount of information that is desired all the way down to the part level. Animating the process flow to simulate the movements of assemblies and materials is common for this format.

Some of the benefits of utilizing the 3D model link to the project schedule:

  • Provides validation of the install sequence
  • Maximizes resource loading and minimizes task congestion
  • Provides efficient verification to follow on test and commissioning
  • Allows for real-time task progress updates to clearly see the impact to the overall schedule