Access Technology


NTI Offshore Services specializes in providing the offshore and marine sector safe, cost effective scaffold solutions. Our scaffolding teams are comprised of experienced supervisors and builders with internal training certifications to dismantle, erect, modify, and inspect scaffolding. In addition, NTI Offshore Services can provide scaffolding sales and rentals, design and stamped engineering drawings, and inventory management.
Rope Access

The varying and challenging locations of your offshore project may not allow the use of scaffolding for access or is not preferred. Remote locations require access utilizingDamilorEdit- rope access technicians which provides cost effective maintenance, rigging, non-destructive testing, sandblasting, and visual inspection to inaccessible areas in comparison to traditional scaffolding. Rope access has become an industry accepted access tool and NTI Offshore services trains our technician to be multi-crafted in order to reduce crew size and versatility of our access teams. All NTI Offshore Services technicians are ASNT SNT- TC1A certified personnel standing by to serve your offshore access needs.